Who We Are

ALPHA CIRCLE was established by Founder and CEO Dennis Shin in 2018. Dennis became interested in VR technology while teaching as a Professor at Suwon University, S. Korea. Since that time we’ve developed our core technology and launched the commercial product.

ALPHA CIRCLE is a VR solutions company that aims to help creatives and video producers to deliver incredible VR experiences by dramatically improving VR image resolution - the key factor that makes or breaks interactive visual content.

We are delivering the most advanced video engine software to help visual professionals bring possibilities to life. 

What We Offer

ALPHAView is a VR video engine that increases pixels in a specific frame of viewer's field of view to 2 million pixels, which enhances 4 times more pixels than any other standard VR software. Consequently, this makes every frame of a 360-degree video into 8K 3D VR form.

Moreover, ALPHAView’s proprietary playback synchronization solution maintains this rich picture resolution throughout every frame in a 360-degree video by switching between frames in such a short time that it leaves no room for discontinuity.

Immersive Visual Experience beyond Reality