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Application Process

In general, VR video content production goes through the process of filming, stitching, editing, and playback. ALPHAView’s proprietary algorithms officially apply after an editing process and following procedure is required:

First, VR video shall be taken at 8K 3D (minimum of 6.5K) resolution. Second, conduct and finish the stitching/editing process. Third, render the video and forward it to ALPHACIRCLE. Once this video file is being received, our unique encoding and decoding process will be followed according to ALPHAView’s algorithms and file formats. Then, an optimized version of video will be returned back to the customer with a dedicated player to experience the finest quality.

* ALPHACIRCLE is also capable to carry out the entire content production process from filming to playback

Application Fields

The animators and video game developers have frequently used VR technology to give fans a more personal and interactive experience. ALPHACIRCLE’s technology goes a step further and creates more opportunities for producing live-action VR content in various fields of entertainment; such as concerts, music videos, plays, exhibitions, museums, tourist attractions, historical sites, and any other places that express 360-degree space.

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