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# Minimum Requirements 

1  Produce a 360-degree video and finish the stitching procedure.

2  A bitrate of at least 200Mbps is necessary (the higher, the better)

3  The video should have a resolution of 7680 x 7680px (above 8K 3D) – 2D is not advised.

4  Fill out the form and include a download link for the uploaded video.

Agreement for the Collection and Use of Personal Information by ALPHACIRCLE Inc. - In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, ALPHACIRCLE Inc. is authorized to collect and use personal information as outlined below. Please take a moment to review the information, and check the box to indicate your consent for the collection and use of your personal information.

1. Types of Personal Information: (a) Required Information: email address, name, company name, smartphone device name. (b) Optional Information: any messages written in the content section and the link to download the video file, which is necessary for ALPHACIRCLE to provide its services to the relevant users.

2. Purpose: ALPHACIRCLE uses personal information for the following reasons: to verify the identity of the person making the complaint, to review complaints, to contact or notify the person making the complaint to investigate the issue, and to notify the outcome of the complaint review.

3. sProcessing and Retention Period of Personal Information: (a) ALPHACIRCLE processes and retains personal information for the period allowed by law or as agreed upon with the individual at the time of collecting their personal information. (b) The processing and retention period is 6 months from the receipt of the form submitted by the user(s). For more information about the processing and retention period, please refer to the "Privacy Policy" located at the bottom-right corner of the main page at www.alphacircle.co.kr.

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