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The ‘Communication’ and ‘Connection’ for people have been evolving gradually with the progressive development of media and networks.

Back in the old days, “Voice Calls” through phones were almost the only way to communicate, and then communicating through “Text Messages” and “Chat“ was the next phase. But today, “Photo & Video” has become the dominant way to be used on various SNS channels through smartphones or other communication tools.

Based on this trend, the way we communicate is expected to become more visualized. The two-dimensional photography and video will evolve further and be presented in three-dimensional or spatial ways. And at that point, we predict that “VR” can be a very popular way of connecting each others.

We can easily see many scenes that show the future of VR and hologram technologies in the movies and dramas. “ALPHACIRCLE” is a company that is making technology in a future progressive manner so that this promising near future can come a little faster.

We look forward to seeing more people having an immersive visual experience beyond reality through our solution.

Keep your eyes on us, thank you !

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