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Everyone in the VR industry
knows an inconvenient truth,

‘Poor Image Quality’

ALPHACIRCLE has developed a 
VR image engine ‘ALPHAView’,
an advanced technology processed by the ‘Image Segmentation of
360 Video’ and ‘Synchronized
Playback of Divided Images’

A fundamental concept of ALPHAView is dividing the 360-degree
VR video into a certain number of images and rapidly increasing the
number of pixels by optimizing the resources on the viewing angle;
providing 4 times more pixels than a general 4K 3D video.

It is the most innovative technology to perfectly implement playback
synchronization. When segmented images are played according to
the direction of the user’s view and if this playback synchronization is
aligned well, the users will experience the entire space more
stunningly than ever before in a comfortable manner.
Now you can experience a more realistic high-quality
VR space through ALPHACIRCLE’s VR imaging engine.
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