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Everyone in the VR industry
knows an inconvenient truth,

‘Poor Image Quality’

ALPHACIRCLE has developed a cutting-edge VR visual enhancing engine (S/W) called ‘ALPHAView’,
which combines the power of 
image segmentation and synchronized playback to bring your VR content to life like never before.

Our technology optimizes the number of pixels in 360-degree VR video based on the viewing angle,
providing x 4 times the resolution of a typical 4K 3D video.
The synchronized playback ensures that the images are in perfect sync with the user’s field of view,
creating a more comfortable and immersive experience.

With ALPHAView, you can experience virtual reality like never before.”

Now you can experience a more realistic high-quality
VR space through ALPHACIRCLE’s VR imaging engine.
Want to know more?
Drop us an e-mail at business@alphacircle.co.kr

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