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Presenting 'ALPHAView' at 2021 NRP Demo Day

2021-11-24 14:03


[Harold Economy (Suwon) = Reporter Park Jung-kyu] Gyeonggi Province announced on the 23rd that it will hold the 2021 NRP Demo Day, a virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) performance presentation, online and offline from the 24th to the 25th of November.

NRP (New Reality Partners) is a project that Gyeonggi-do has been promoting since 2017 to foster XR companies. Along with global public-private partnerships, a total of 148 promising companies are being selected and nurtured by the 6th of this year. It is a place to introduce small but strong companies that will lead the Metaverse and extended reality (XR) industries supported by Gyeonggi Province this year. Through the announcement of sprout companies (start-ups) directly working in the industry, we can predict the future Metaverse industry.

You can meet 48 companies that develop virtual space collaboration platforms.

Unlike the previous year's demo day, which was held only online due to COVID-19, corporate exchanges and business consultations between industry officials attending offline sites are also possible. You can also participate in the event through "Get the Town", a "YouTube" and Metaverse platform. The province expects that transactions between companies will become more active by partially resuming offline activities, which have shrunk proposals and transactions between companies centered on non-face-to-face.

Article written by fob140@heraldcorp.com

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