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ALPHACIRCLE has signed an NDA agreeement with Pica Project

2021-10-28 19:22

Pica Project, an art sharing economy platform company that publishes the blockchain cryptocurrency PICA, is moving rapidly to preoccupy the metaverse-based art exhibition market. Pica Project announced on the 28th of October that it has signed an NDA agreement with ALPHA CIRCLE, a VR solution company specializing in virtual reality (VR) imaging engine and 3D objects, to produce 3D VR of the irreplaceable token (NFT) artworks and support augmented reality (AR) technology.

Under this agreement, Pica Project plans to open the "PICA Project" category on the Android VR app service called "VRoadway" powered by ALPHA CIRCLE and speed up cooperation to preoccupy the metaverse art exhibition market. Song Ji-ho, C.E.O of the Pica Project, said, "In line with the rapidly increasing demand for non-face-to-face art, we are increasing the number of contacts in various ways so that anyone can easily access and own art in Metaverse space."

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Original Source from CCTV News (http://www.cctvnews.co.kr), translated by Kevin Kim (ALPHACIRCLE)

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