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Grand Prize at the "1st Korea Venture and Startup Patent Awards."

2021-10-28 19:41

ALPHA CIRCLE won the grand prize at the "1st Korea Venture and Startup Patent Awards." Co-hosted by the Korean Patent Association and Maeil Economic Daily, and sponsored by the National Intellectual Property Commission and Woori Bank, the Korea Venture and Startup Patent Awards were first prepared this year to revitalize technology start-ups and promote national industrial and technological development. Among the various patent technologies that were concentrated in the "Korean Venture and Startup Patent Awards" held for the first time, electrical engineering fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) and chemical fields such as bio and medicine accounted for an overwhelming proportion.

ALPHA CIRCLE, the grand prize winner, is a VR video solution company. It has developed a technology that can elevate the visual experience in VR. This technology has been applied to a number of commercial VR contents promoted by Genie Music and CJ ENM in Korea. Currently, it has led to the development of "ALPHA LIVE," a follow-up technology that streams 8K 3D VR images in real-time.

The awards ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. on November 2nd at the auditorium on the 12th floor of Maeil Economic Daily in Jung-gu, Seoul.


-Source: Maeil Economy [Reporter Song Kyung-eun] - VR video solution ‘ALPHA CIRCLE’ - Maeil Economy (mk.co.kr) for patents for ventures and startups. Translated by Kevin Kim ( ALPHACIRCLE )

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